About MSW Lounge
Let's Keep Austin Vitamized!

We believe Health is a verb, so...


This is not your ordinary health & wellness spot.  We believe in HEALTH care... not sick care.  Our services are as holistic as possible, and the most popular offerings we have are our FDA-registered vitamin injections and IVs.  But it doesn't stop there - you'll find multivitamin cocktails, chiropractic services, full-scale concierge services, and handmade body care products throughout the facility, too.  Our Yoga Room has classes daily and touts some of the most innovative classes in Austin, from some of its top teachers - including our own yogi, Baldo Garza.  We also produce the How do you Health? Podcast, up weekly on iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.  Check out our team's longer stories below and make sure to come visit our awesome place!

Meet The Team
Thanks to Jonathan's extensive education, he has experience in the following areas:
  • Sports Therapy with Olympic and Professional Athletes
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Family Medical Services
  • ​Urgent Care
  • ​Functional Medical Services
It has been his dream to open a holistic health & wellness center that offers a well-rounded approach. Jonathan hopes that you will become a part of his vision.
Vice President & COO
You can call him Baldo, and you'll probably see him doing handstands around the office while drinking Slenderitas. Baldo comes from a background of sales with Cutco. He is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and all-around deal maker when it comes to getting you the vitamins you need to improve your health.

Joy Scola
Creative Director & Yoga Instructor
Joy Scola, our Creative Director, brings both a background in Yoga and passion for brand-development. Growing up, she trained in oil painting and photography which spurred her interest in graphic design at 16. Having worked for LifeTouch Photography and starting her own photography business, she went on to become the Director of Photography for a studio in Sacramento, CA. 
Joys goals are to always meet the design needs of others by building a cohesive brand that conveys the message and intent the company wishes to express. Her combined skills in graphic design and marketing have helped bring the MSW and Slenderella vision to life.

Brand Manager & Nutritionist
Allison graduated from UT Austin with a B.S. in Kinesiology and a B.A. in Acting. She founded Flabs to Fitness, Inc. just before graduation in April 2017 to provide online fitness and nutrition coaching to whoever she could reach. Her company has since grown into a brand management firm for other health companies, helping with their websites, social media, and producing the How do you Health? Podcast for MSW Lounge. You can find her typing away on her computer and making Slenderitas several days per week at the MSW Healthtending Bar!