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Concierge Services
Health & wellness has changed and with advances in technology, it is now possible to have a health & wellness guide who is available through email, text, and even video conferencing.

MSW Lounge is proud to offer our Concierge Package, where you the client, have the ability to access your healthcare guide 24hrs a day, 7 days a week via:​
  • E-mail
  • text
  • phone call
  • video conferencing
At MSW Lounge, we get it! We understand that sometimes you cannot take time away from work or family to drive to an appointment. Our clinic is mobile so your guide can be reached anytime you have a question.

Are you constantly “Googling” health topics? Do you often come across information that you are unsure about and wish you could just ask a professional?

That’s where we come in! If you have a health question, don’t Google it - text your health & wellness guide! If you want to know which foods are best for your health, email us! If the only time you have to schedule an appointment is at night, we make house calls and do phone office visits!

The MSW Lounge Concierge Package allows you to have a health guide that goes with you wherever you go. More importantly, you will have a health guide who will take the time to sit down and answer every question you have.

At our sessions, we want you to be heard and have the chance to ask all of your questions.

In addition to 24/7 access to your health guide, you also get:
  • Online prescriptions/refills
  • Online encrypted portal access to ask your health questions
  • Online access to exclusive pharmaceutical grade supplements that are only available through a health & wellness guide
  • Monthly e-letter that includes advice and health tips on the hottest and most trending topics
At MSW Lounge, it is our goal to give you a health & wellness environment that strives to give you a well-rounded approach. We listen first and then come up with a health & wellness plan…together.
(Concierge package applies to Texas Residents only. All new client visits must be seen face to face for the initial visit. Concierge therapy does not replace the need for a primary care provider.)
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