Join MSW Lounge & Slenderella® for the Biggest Ancestral Health Conference in the WORLD!

You’ve probably already heard us talking about Paleo f(x)™ on the How do you Health? Podcast

But if not, we wanted to share a bit more about this conference & why we hope to see YOU there!

Are you ready for a health party?

Nurse Doza’s First Impression of Paleo f(x)™

Plain and simple: I loved attending Paleo f(x)™ 2018. It was a big, Paleo party. Seriously.

For the entire weekend, we felt positive, high energy. People came from all over the world to attend this event and be in the same room with the coolest and most innovative minds in health & wellness.

And the best part was, everyone who attended wanted to learn as much as possible from some of the best business and health influencers in the world.
As a first-timer, I was amazed that you could walk around the expo and see exhibits and booths with a mix of the newest innovations from the biggest names in the health & wellness business. It’s a health geeks’ Mecca for swag and products!

MSW joined in on Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ as well

We were lucky enough to be a part of the Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ before the weekend event.

This is its own shindig, which showcases speakers who have started their own successful health business and it was an opportunity to listen to their tips and knowledge and how to start one from scratch or improve an exciting business.

The day was full of 1-hour lectures, mastermind classes and even breakout sessions that allowed you and a small group to have an open conversation with the guest speakers.

We were lucky to be selected to be one of the vendors for Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ and provide vitamin IVs and shots for the attendees.
But more importantly, I was thankful to meet and network with so many successful individuals who were more than willing to share ideas and just talk about health.

It is a very cool part of the Paleo f(x)™ experience and if you get a chance, I would definitely consider attending this part yourself as well (but again, remember this is DIFFERENT from the 3-day Paleo f(x)™ event).  

Baldo’s take on Paleo f(x)™

We entered Paleo f(x)™ as new vendors on the block last year, but we met so many down to earth health enthusiasts that we felt like we were leaving the coolest and biggest company retreat we could ever dream of.
Plus it all happened at the Palmer Events Center, located in my favorite part of Austin: Auditorium Shores along the beautiful Austin skyline. It’s the perfect place to host an event.  

Seriously, you can hear Ben Lynch talk about how our “dirty” genes are making us sick, and afterward take a Ben Greenfield-led workout along the hike and bike trail located 200 yards behind the event center!
Paleo f(x)™ Health Happy Hours are just workout classes with superstar wellness coaches!

I could go on and on but I did leave Paleo f(x)™ 2018 with an experience I never had before and it left me wanting to come back. Can’t wait for 2019!

Want to join us for Paleo f(x)™ 2019?

You’re in luck – because it happens in just a few days, right here in Austin, Texas!

Join us at the Palmer Events Center April 26-28th for the biggest Paleo f(x)™ ever… where we’ll have some tricks up our own sleeves.

That’s right: Slenderella® is officially launching Slenderella® NAD+ at the event, and we’ll be giving shots & drinks at STUPID cheap prices all weekend!

So come to the biggest Paleo party on earth with us. Geek out on health, and meet some badass people making real change in the world!
AND, you can use the code FX15 for 15% off Premier / VIP badges, or the code EXPO50 for 50% off expo passes!

Click here to get your Paleo f(x)™ tickets now.

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