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hCG Diet
Are you trying to lose weight? Are you ready for a diet that works, FAST?

At MSW Lounge, we are proud to offer the hCG weight loss program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the client with a busy lifestyle. In theory, this highly successful diet plan is a weight loss program that is based off a naturally occurring hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

How the hCG diet works:

The hCG diet may help you lose unwanted fat while keeping you from overeating, thus controlling your appetite.

The hCG hormone, along with a calorie restricted diet, allows your body to burn stored fat for energy and resets your body’s metabolism. hCG may help you feel satisfied on a caloric restricted diet without any of those annoying hunger pains you can get from other diets.

It's simple, with the HCG diet, you eat less, feel full, lose weight and unwanted fat. All while not exercising….what more could you want!

We have put together a weight loss program utilizing nutrition, coaching, weigh ins, and your personal Body Mass Index (BMI) to encourage your complete success. Clients enjoy our hCG program because we can help you lose weight, fast.

Premium hCG plans:

Weight loss plans are not a “one size-fits-all” approach and your hCG weight loss shouldn’t be either. We can accommodate hCG diet plans from 10-30 day cycles.
Included in each plan is PDF file that contains:
  • A daily food journal,
  • hCG recipes,
  • A shopping list,
  • And a food calorie counter
up to 14 days: $150

15-30 days: $275