What is a no-drip vitamin IV and why you should get one?

Who should be getting vitamin IVs?Vitamin IVs have become increasingly popular over the past few years. 

We see a range of patients who have chronic health issues, but we also have people come to see us if they are simply in need of more energy and general detox

But let’s face it: vitamins are a necessity. 
We need vitamins in order to function. They play an important part in our biochemistry and allow us to produce neurotransmitters, antioxidants, and even hormones. 

And with so many vitamin options out there, it’s hard to know which ones you should be taking and how often. 
Long story short: if you take vitamins and supplements, you should be receiving vitamin IVs because it’s the best way to get vitamins into your body. 

And No-Drip Vitamin IVs are a more effective and efficient way to take your vitamin supplements than pills – and even traditional IVs – could ever be.

What is No-Drip Vitamin IV?

No-Drip IVs are intravenous IVs that do not contain hydration saline bags for the administration of the vitamins. Instead, the vitamins are received directly through the IV line without dilution from a bag of normal saline – they have a small administration bag that is far less liquid than you’ll see at most IV clinics.

The vitamins go directly into the bloodstream, where they are carried throughout the body. And because the vitamins are not diluted with saline, you can feel the difference immediately.  Plus, you save time; a No-Drip jet lag IV only takes 10-20 minutes compared to 40-60 minutes for a regular vitamin IV.

The difference between regular & no-drip IVsWith either type of IV, you can get vitamins into the body that have a near-100% absorption rate. 
At MSW Lounge, those vitamins are pharmaceutical strength and in the bioactive form that is needed for the body to metabolize and actually use.
With No-Drip Vitamin IVs, you get a higher dosage that’s more concentrated and takes about a third to half of the time a regular IV takes. 

With regular Vitamin IVs, you get the added benefit of hydration from the saline… but it can take 30-50 minutes longer than a No-Drip.
Why both kinds of Vitamin IVs are beneficial whether you get a No-Drip or a regular IV, notable benefits include:

  • No hassle with digestion
  • Higher dosage
  • Opportunity to customize the vitamins in your IV

Let’s look at each of these.

Bypass the digestive tract with Vitamin IVs

One major benefit of Vitamin IVs is its use in bypassing the digestive tract. Some vitamins can cause nausea and diarrhea at higher doses. If you get sick from these vitamins, you’ll be absorbing very little… if any at all. 
Even the vitamins that survive the stomach’s enzymes and acid without sickness still have to get through the small intestine… which is probably not working at 100% absorption, thanks to our processed food & polluted environments.

Oral supplements will only have about 25-30% absorption rate because of the effects of stomach acid and poor gut health (which is typical in most people from Western societies). 

So, after keeping your oral vitamin down, you’re still only getting 30% of it at best. That’s like tossing away 70% of your money.  IVs, on the other hand, will have an almost 100% absorption rate because there is no breakdown of the vitamins in the digestive tract.  By going directly into the bloodstream, the vitamins can go to work right away without degradation.  

Take higher doses of vitamins with one treatment

When it comes to No-Drip IVs, you can feel the effects of our pharmaceutical strength vitamins because the vitamins are not diluted with saline.  Either type of IV will also contain higher doses than you’ll find in any oral supplement at the store.

Customize your supplementation in an IV

In either type of IV, the opportunity to dial in your personal health goals is possible. Since a practitioner needs to mix your IV, you can work with them to determine what’s needed for your own health. Base it on blood work, diet, activity level, health conditions – anything you want to factor in, Vitamin IVs allow.

No more one-size-meets-all supplements in a bottle here! This leads to a more customized approach where one can receive the proper doses of the vitamins they need.

When higher vitamin dosages are helpful


Glutathione This is our body’s major antioxidant. And glutathione is very hard to absorb and digest as an oral supplement. 
It’s a particularly vulnerable molecule, which will be destroyed by stomach acid if orally ingested without protection.

This is why most oral glutathione supplements are surrounded by a liposomal covering that helps it become more available to be digested. 
But just like other oral vitamins, the liposomal glutathione still typically has only about 30% of its content available for use after it’s been broken down in the digestive tract. 

With Glutathione in a No-Drip IV, not only can you receive a higher concentration, but you will receive almost 100% of the original concentration. 

That makes this supplementation option hands-down the best approach to getting the most out of the vitamins you’re spending money on.   

When in need of multiple vitamins at once

Most people who have heard about vitamins know that vitamin B12 can give you many different benefits, such as increased energy and a better mood.  But vitamin B12 injections are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vitamin injection therapies. 

What if you wanted to add vitamin B12 for its energy properties to your glutathione IV? 

With Vitamin No-Drip IVs, you can receive vitamin B12, glutathione, and numerous combinations of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to meet your personal needs all in one sitting. Say you want a vitamin formula to help with jet lag.  With a No-Drip IV, you can receive 4 or 5 different vitamins that can provide a variety of benefits from immune-boosting to detoxifying sore muscles. Plus, of course, that vitamin B12 to pop you out of the fatigue of travel.

How do Vitamin IVs make you feel?

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

On top of all the benefits we’ve discussed, people just love getting No Drip IVs because they feel so much better afterward. 

These combinations of pharmaceutical-strength vitamins help our bodies replenish our vitamin deficiencies. 

Since B vitamins naturally help us produce energy like ATP (adenosine triphosphate), we can have longer stamina and better moods to fight off everyday stressors. 

And because antioxidants like Glutathione help decrease inflammation, our body will be better at fighting off pain and stress in the future.
Plain and simple: when your body gets what it has been missing, it can feel so much better! 


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